May 12, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)



        This report is about drones. They are awesome they can do a lot of things. Like the one above takes packages places. But they have a lot of other uses like to spy. Or they can attack for the army. But these are only some of the amazing things drones can do. You will learn a lot of things about drones in this report. You might think of them in a different way after reading this report.


        DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THE SMALLEST DRONE IS? These guys say this the smallest drone is called the robobee. It was made by some students at Harvard University. It flaps 120 times per second so it can hover over stuff and fly at fast and low speeds.


DO YOU KNOW WHO EXPORTS THE MOST DRONES? According to, Israel exports the most drones. 10% of their military exports are drones. That is a lot! They sign a lot of contracts to export drones. Like they recently signed a contract for 100m dollar deal!

        DRONES CAN MOVE IN DIFFERENT WAYS THESE ARE SOME WAYS. This says this, Some of them fly like airplanes or insects and even birds.  But most people think they are science fiction but they aren’t. They can also sense things around them. Some of them are controlled where to go by a person with a controller!

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