april 28 2014

2014 Technology Reports

                            virtual reality

by ravontay

  This report is about vr (virtual reality).  In this report you will read about who invented it   For example, many peapole invented vr. Next, you will read about why the army uses it, like they use it for some sort of capture the flag thing.  Finally, you will read about how might it be in the future. I’ll bet you didn’t know it will look like rl(real life). than you have some fun facts enjoy. but if vr was not invent soilders whould not be as well trained.

Who invented virtual reality

        this part of the report  is about who invented virtual reality.  The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinoisernet’s. said


        Vr was invented by many peeps one that we can recall is morton heilig(crazy name he is from a spanish place).

            he is very famous for being one of the fathers of virtual reality .

           here are some other peapole jaron l,douglas e,ivan s,myron k.

           the inventing of it chould also be said it came from star track.

          wait you say what how well they came up with the idea of vr.

this pargraph if about how star treck invented vr. star treck came up with the idea but man state that the creator or director stole from morton heilig but that was a rumoaur he did help invent it but the creator of star teck came up with the idea.but i just found acording to uk vr info

they stole it from alex gate.and know you know about who invented vr.


this pargraph is about how the army use vr to train.

http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/10/playing-war-how-the-military-uses-video-games/280486/  says

they play video games to train them with vr. they play capture the flag is how i can put it.

they have to get the flag before the enemys kill you. there are many obsticles to get the flag. you have to past evry test cool right it can and can not be. what do yous say your asking me how it is not safe thanks for asking.if you get killed in that you chould have a stroke or a heart attack and if they use the old vr you chould start vomiting it gets worst than later you die so that is the dark side of vr. vr is steal really awesome have fun with it army.and now you know how the army uses vr.

future is among us

this caption is about is how vr will be in the future

acording to www.marketsandmarkets.com ›

in the future it will get more high tech and it will be worth millions of bucks  any one chould get it.

i think it is cool evry can see another 3d world.

maybe they will have 4d by than for vr.

maybe evan so advancet movies will look so real or games awesome.

so what if they also do war with it so noone gets killed and who evry win wins that whould be better but thereis a problem with that. what how is there a problem ravontay thanks angain for asking. there chould be cheaters they chould hack it and make evry troop invisable and win the war. now you know about the future.

fun facts

to make vr they get payed only $1.00 an hour it is stupid the newist cost millions of moneys.

this is how it workd it has a hole bunch of cybernedicts.that it need to proses to play the thing.

and it creates another 3 diminstinol world. awesoem you can be in 2 worlds at same time.

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