April 25, 2014

2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Drones, Drones, Everywhere

by Bob billion

Things drones can and can’t do.

        Ever seen an army drones. To day I will teach you about the new ones. If you think this is fake then check this man out Daniel Suarez, People may think that killer robots (Drones) may look scarier than you may think. Killer robots (drones) don’t look like transformers they look like normal drones. Some even look harmless but are not. I think that is cool, because I have always thought they have look like transformers, or something scarier than really they are.

        Today is when you learn, are you going to die in 2015 by drones. if you don’t believe me check out where I got it Ted.com, We need to fail to succeed in life. If you don’t fail then you have not succeeded in the thing you may be making. Well if we can make a moc 20 then we could travel around the world in less than 60 minutes. I think that is cool, because you can go from New York to Some beach in 9 and a half minutes.

             Do you believe that you can control a drone with your mind. Just go to Ted.com to get some more info. on this. It shows that Henry Evans(a disabled man) can control a drone with his mind. He has a wife and 6 kids. He can walk around his house with the drone. He can search the web with his mind. He even remodeled his house. I thought that was cool, because he can do more than he ever could.

Awesome things about drones

        P.W. Slinger says that many war drones are taking over the war or combat. He says that you could go to war at an age of 10 to 18 without leaving the city, state, county or the U.S. There are some stations around the U.S. that you can just play the xbox(360) to control a plane or land machine. I think this was super cool cause I could go to war.

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