April 28, 2014

 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Rover Report

by Tonto

Mission Abort the rover has crashed!  This report is about rovers.  In this report you will read about the first rover that landed somewhere else.  For example, It was the Lunokhod 1. Next, you will read about rovers on Mars.  Finally, you will read about there being life on Mars. I’ll bet you didn’t know we might live on Mars someday!

different planets

Have you ever wondered what the first rover that landed on a different planet was the Lunokhod 1? Wikipedia said, the lunokhod 1 was the first remote controlled rover that can land on any celestial body. The Soviet union launched it on the Luna 17. It landed in 11-17-1970 to November 22, so that is three days long. I think three days on a different planet would be a lot, but rovers are robots! I think they should be able to stay on a planet for a little longer. Do you agree with me?

Suprise! There are rovers on Mars. According to Tariq Malik, It is possible to see Earth from Mars! Isn’t that cool? Earth is just a bright light. I wish I could go to Mars. I want to go so bad. Have you ever been in space before?


There might be life on Mars. Nasa said, there might already be life there. That’s awesome isn’t it! I or maybe you could be the first to live on Mars! I don’t want to live on Mars, but you might. It probably won't be for at least another 50 years, but I am not old yet. I might make it. You might too.

Other planets explored

Have other planets besides Earth and Mars been explored by rovers? Wikipedia said rovers explored Mercury on January 14, 2008. Mercury is hard to explore. It is hard for a couple reasons one reason is it is very very hot. The other reason is you have to reach extreme speeds. I think it’s awesome! Mercury is very difficult.

Has Venus been explored? According to Nicholos Wethington Mercury isn’t the only planet that is hard to land on. Venus has 92 times greater pressure than Earth. Another reason is 840 degrees fahrenheit. That is one hot planet. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be cool if you landed a rover perfectly on Venus? I think it would.

I wonder if Jupiter has been discovered? Has it? According to Mike Wall Jupiter might have life or will have life. Nasa will send a $1.5 billion rover to Jupiter! It is probably freezing at Jupiter it is pretty far away. They will blast off from 2013 to 2016! I want to go there.

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