2014 Technology Reports

Mr. Welch (5th/6th)

Super Drones

by Super-de-Duper Man

        Hello tech-lovers!  This report is about drones.  In this report you will read all about drones.  For example, what they are. Next, you will read about what they do (lot’s of stuff), like fly without a pilot.  Finally, you will read about how they are controlled. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there are two ways to control a drone. Enjoy!

What are drones?

        This paragraph is about what they are. According to Margaret Rouse, drones are just UAVs.  Unmanned aerial vehicles, or planes without pilots.  They fly around and do what a regular war planes would do, but without a pilot! I think this is really cool because you can send a plane into a war without risking a pilot getting hurt.

        There are some other things that drones do. BBC News says that drones fly around like a real war plane without a pilot. They also take pictures from the sky and film videos. They do this for lots of different things. I think this is really cool because drones can go anywhere and take pictures of landscapes. It can also explore different parts of the world. (Amazon is also starting to use drones for delivery!)

        Drones work in two different ways. Here they are. Robert Valdez said that drones are controlled by remote control from MILES away. The pilot flies the plane from anywhere. They can be in a different country and still fly the plane. You can also control it by a post-pc device. There is another way to fly it though. They can be set on a flight pattern. The flight pattern is put in the planes memory. I think this is really cool because you can fly a plane from anywhere!

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