aye its izz
imma soccer player

kolbie, dawson, brielle, trev, tex, ethan, belle, brock, bryant,and brooklyn are chill.
by the way, you are pretty chill.

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Izzys Autobiography Hi, my name is Izzy Johanna Atkinson. I am 12 years old. I attend Northridge Elementary. Next year, I will attend Oak Canyon Junior HIgh. I am a soccer player. I normally play defense. I play for Hyper Hotshots, an OYS team. My team won championships last Saturday, in fact. Now, I will talk all about my favorites. My favorite color is a clear-water-blue. I have a lot of friends, not to sound selfish. Some of my girl best friends are Brielle, Kolbie, Brooklyn, Mckinzie, Belle, Kwincee, Malia, Lizzie, Ashley, Tori, Tia, Esther, Sophie, and Briley. My best guy friends are Dawson, Brock, Bryant, Trevor, Kaison, Tex, Timmy, Dylan, Conner, and Ethan M. My favorite sport is soccer. My favorite things to do are play soccer and be with my friends. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Costa Vida and Swig. I love healthy food tbh. I love acai and dragon fruit bowls. I love to run and adventure. Adventuring is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to explore. I dont like friends who betray me, I mean who doesnt. I dont like losing. I am very competitve. I love to play sports. I also loooooove summer. I love to be at the beach and surf a lot. I love being in the water. Right now, i have 4 brothers and 3 sisters (counting step siblings.) I live with my awesome dad. I also enjoy taking photos. I might do that as a backup job when i am older. I really like soccer too.