Hello person who is reading this.

This is my first web page.This is an awesome web page.

So this may be da little weird like this can only me write more then one letter.(NOT) Anyway, one of my friends is Joey. He can do lots of things. Like he could fly across the world with his arms not out like Superman. He could fly standing. He can also brash his teeth. He likes the warmth. He liked to do every thing cool. Also awesome. Joey is the best!!!!!!!! This may seem weird to you but I think Joey can do anything!! There is proof of that!!! HE IS MY FRIEND!!!!!! Anyway do you want me to talk more about Joey or one of my other friends named Ryan. If you chose Ryan you got it. If you chose Joey, Sorry! Anyway Ryan is awesome. He can do anything. (Like Joey!) He could puch trough da wall with out even knowing any of it. He can fly like Joey. Though he has to look like superman. He even likes superman. (I think he is crazy.) Anyway I hope he didn't hear that. Oh wait I am writing this. It isn't like I am talking through the computer. Maybe people in the future can fix that!! Anyway, Ryan can also walk on water. Infact he can float on the water. Another thing that Joey can do is persuade people to do things very well. I hope ryan reads the rest of this. Anyway I just want to tell him that his was really crazy and useless. I do like the part about his because everything is true. His cat is adorible. Anyway I want to tell you about what I want to do in the future. I would want a life where I can have bending powers, and have the ability to earthbending, airbending, and waterbending. You can click here to go toa cool website.

You can also clickhereto get to my techers website.

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