The Blinding of Ida

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Chapter 1 The begining

This is a story about a boy named Eyebrowins, but most people called him Ida. One day he got home from a terrible day from school when his mom called him into the kitchen. So he walked in all angry when his mom asked him to clean the attic which had not been cleaned for four year hasn't even been entered for four years, but he had to or he would get his computer taken away which had Geometry Dash on it. Ida loves Geometry dash he has 12,487 stars has completed 4,965 levels and 2,368 of those levels are demons also he has 137 secret coins every color and icon and has beat all main RobTop levels with all secret coins. Also every Demon has been completed in 1 attempt. So as you might be able to tell he doesn't want it taken away so he went to clean it. When Ida walked in it smelled terrible like a burning JD, but he had to deal with but at least it wasn'nt an alive JD that would have been way worse. Ida started looking around the room and found a IPod first gen this was ancient stuff it didnft even have speakers on it so you know it was old he picked it up and turned it on Ida was surprised it wasn't dead but it had a password normally he thought of his besties passcode on his phone 2, 6, 6, 9 (thats Jonas passcode) Somehow that was it and Ida got in. He looked around for a fun app then he saw Geometry Dash so he opened the app he looked at the icons and there was just the basic ones you get when you start so he look at the RobTop levels and still 0% so he started the first level Stereo Madness it was easy until he realized the dust on the screen so he wiped it off then the dust got into his eyes then he fell in the IPod

Chapter 2 The World Geometry Dash

Ida woke up and was wondering where he was when he was sucked in. Then he saw a guy fighting a town hall 0 and another guy spawning dinosaurs to kill little cavemen. Then he saw the same block he played on geometry dash jumping over the spikes in buck force. Then he realized, he was in the ipod. He started to look around and then he found an app called bioshock. He climbed into it and became a guy with a gun and lightning. He fought a bunch of guys then the game crashed because bioshock only works on iphone 5 and higher. So after that he just wanted to see what should happen if he went into geometry dash after he got in there was a giant boss looking creature he could tell it was a demon. His name was Insidious Step. He was a Nsane demon. It was terribly ugly it had so many gravity switches on it. Insidious told Ida if he wanted to escape the IPod he would have to defeat 100 demon levels. It is hard and no one can do it. Except Alex Pain, Noobas, Viprin, NepTune, and Weoweoteo but no one else. He knew it would be a challenge so he said Alrighty then, ill do it! Then Insidious told Ida if you don't do a level in 1 attempt you die hahahahahah. So Ida was scared and was like Alrighty then And went inside. He started out as an going and it was super hard to get through. He barely scraped a spike, and lost half of his icon. So he was super close to dieing. Then he found a kingdom and started heading there.

Chapter 3 Start Killing Demons

So in this kingdom of Auto, you don't control yourself. A finger from the sky controls you. And if you die in geometry dash, you die in real life. So Ida was about to do the nightmare but the person controlling the sky finger really sucked at geometry dash. His name, was Ethan Edmonds. He sucked so bad, he couldn't beat polargeist. So Ida was scared. He was hoping there were better people than he found a sky finger his name was Jona he was considered the best at Geometry Dash maybe even better than NepTune. After he found Jona he knew he could get through this oh yeah Jona looks like a super old dude. He was a sensei. They agreed to be a team until Ida departed from the kingdom to control himself. So Ida & Jona went off on their journey. The arrived in the demon world after a day of walking. There were insanes everywhere Jona had to react fast so he made Ida shoot plasmid out of his hand and Ida was surprised that he could do that. Then he asked Jona ghow was I able to do that and Jona responded with geveryone has it inside of them you just have to find it or, put a syringe in your arm. All of the insanes were dead so they went off to get to the lair of Nightmare

Chapter 4 nightmare

Ida and Jona just got to the lair of the Nightmare. We saw the beast he didn' t look as difficult as everyone said it was then Nightmare spoke "lets settle this THE USUAL WAY, WITH YOU DIEING AT 50%! Then the battle started. They start out as a cycle and they went up and down over and over and Ida was feeling a little dizzy until they got to the square which was super easy for them then the ship with gravity switches which for almost everyone is super hard but not Jona he got out with relative ease. Then it was the final battle this was going to test Jona's abilities. Jona was making Ida dodge spikes so fast Ida thought they were screwed because one false move would leave them to their demise well only Ida. Then he they did it 100% on their 1st attempt they celebrated. When they got back to The Kingdom of Auto they meet a young lad named FunnyGame. He was quite a lad. He was a man who would steal from the rich and give to the poor he was like a cool Robin Hood that made beautiful auto maps. He was respected by everyone there.

Chapter 5 History of Geometry Dash

Ida was walking around the kingdom when he realized that the kingdom was super rich about everyone had the black color and at least 5 ship icons. He asked How do they do dat. Then Jona said "ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you must be stupid the king of the land is Noobas he gives his winnings to the people of the land. So Ida was like dang Just the king then Jona said Ughhhh you must pretty stupid the queen is Viprins daughter so like viprin gives her a lot of stuff. Like finishing 30 demon levels, she has every color too and the icon for Insidious Step, making her like a goddess of the universe. But Viprin didn't kill Insidious Step just very much wounded it. So they just gave him the icon because he was the king of the land. So the king would conquer demon levels and every demon level he conquered he would then execute them because they were not hard.

Chapter 6 H4X!

Ida and Jona where walking north to the demon world when a weird and mysterious map named Neon World popped up Jona was like ''ALLRIGHTY THEN LETS DO DIS''! So they started by Jona becoming the finger god and Ida becoming an icon. So he was going through the level and then fell asleep, and when Ida and Jona woke up they were a spaceship. Ida had to dosge thing left and right or up and down becuase the game is 2D. So everything was flat and there was this one part where Ida had to walk on a really thin line and he almost fell off but Jona swiped up and said ''NOT TODAY SUCKAS'' and finished the level. Jona became a small person again and Ida became a regular person again...