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My name is Tobyas Tate. I am 16. I am half-god, half-Vulcan. I also have Venjix armor in my right arm. I am also a lieutenant for the U.S.S. Enterprise:

I work the weapons. I am also the Red SPD ranger for the B Squad. I am going to tell my story about my first real assignment for Starfleet. I was going to meet Elisa Flores out in the quad for the advanced phaser training.

I just met with Captain Masc Taggart. He wants me to be on his senior staff. Since Im a tactical officer, I am required to take the Advanced Phaser Training. It is kind of scary to be in a room full of Klingons. I was supposed to fire a phaser at them. It is kind of scary.

After I was done, the Captain was waiting for me to finish. He wanted to tell me I just broke the academy record. He had a new first officer. Elisa said she was jealous that I was the new first officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The Enterprise is the best ship in the fleet. It was that I had the best grades in the class. I didn't know what to say. We needed to get to the shuttle bay to prepare for departure.

"All the senior staff is waiting at the bar. They are expecting a big speech out of you. something, heartwarming, something... okay... just don't scare anybody. I know that Vulcans like you don't get nervous, but humans get nervous. This is a big thing for us. Guess I'll see ya at the bar!" Elisa said. I walked over to the bar and started my speech.

"May I have everyone's attention? Having been your classmate for the past four years.I know that we can work together to complete this training session with Capt. Masc Taggart. We will be able to complete our mission if we work together. We will operate effectively and efficiently. TO CLASS OF 2409! TO THE ENTERPRISE! TO HER CREW!!!" I say to the crew of the Enterprise. We make our way to the shuttles to board the Enterprise. It takes about 30 minutes to get Enterprise. I find the check in with a lieutenant.

"Where is the captain?" I ask.

"The captain is waiting for you on the bridge. Use the turbolift behind me. It will take you directly there." She says. I go to the turbolift.

"Bridge," I command the computer. I was at the bridge in a few seconds.

"Welcome to the bridge, Number One," Capt. Masc Taggart says.

"Number One?" I give a questioning look.

"I had a captain who called his first officer that. I always liked it. As my Number One, your job is to advise me in the best course of action in any situation. Are you ready to begin?" he says to me.

"Yes." I reply. "I am so ready!" I think to myself

"Great. Lets start with something easy. Set Course for Vulcan!" He commands to warp person, Kingsley Helms.

A few minutes into the trip,

"Distress noise." "Captain, I am receiving a distress signal from the S.S. Breakeven, Audio only," T'Vrell, the comm person.

"Lets hear it, T'Vrell," Capt. Taggart says.

"BUZZ!" (Ferengi voice) "This is the SS Breakeven. Our Warp Core is failing and we are in need of assistance," the ferengi voice says.

"Let them know we're on our way. Helms, lay in a rendezvous course,"commands the captain.

"Course set, sir. ETA 3 minutes," says Helms.

"Number One, lets discuss the situation," the captain says to me.

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