Hi, want to know about me?

I love Lacrosse. I am practicing for being a goalie. It is really fun!
This is my book if you want to read it. I'm still working on it but... hope you like it.


I love the piano.

Guess What?

This is an awesome website. (Two player)

If you want to have fun.

This is another place...

Music Music

I hope to be like this guy :D His name is Kip Turner! He plays in the MLL, and he is such a good goalie. He was awarded goalie of the year in 2010. So... Lacrosse Players know what this is from -- "Succisa Virescit" if cut down it will grow back stronger, all lacrosse players should know what that quote is from.

Check out these jerseys! Maryland wore them for memorial day. They were supporting the Wounded Warrior Project. They are a really good team.

Did you know that Native Americans invented lacrosse. There were actually no boundries in their lacrosse.