Hello Amazing World!!!

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Hello peoples! Today, I am going to talk about a few things that I like.

One of the things that I like the most are CATS!!!!! I have a fat Siamese cat at home. Her name is Fishy! Cats are sooo cute and cuddly and fat and fluffy!!!

I also really like dogs and bunnies. I used to have a dog at home named Paddy. She was a Boston Terrier. I also have two bunnies at home. I have a female and a male whose names are Popcorn and Buddy. Awhile ago, they had baby bunnies!!! They where soooo cute!!

Last but not least, we have one more pet. Meet Courage the Crested gecko! There is a funny story about him. One time, when my sister was putting him back in his cage, his tail dropped off! So after about two weeks, where his tail used to be was still just a stub. And lizard and gecko tails are supposed to grow back! So we looked it up, and it turns out Crested gecko's tails don't grow back :P

So, how do you like this? Do you like these animals also? These animals are the best pets ever!!!

I also really love my friends and family. My dad is a computer person who works at Oblong Industries. My mom is a nurse who works at Intermountian Healthcare. My step-dad works at Ausuroin. My step-sisters could become artists and comedians. My school friends could become famous comedians, perfectionists, and crazy cat lovers. My brother could be a proffesional gamer. I could be a mystery (Like a dancer, artist, ect...).

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