Happiness is magical

Have you ever dreamed of a happy ending? Well I have! I want to live Happilly Ever After! But guess what.... That is not how life works. :( But, there is something that can make us happy. :) Laughing and being happy will make us and others happy. Even though we have hard times, we can be happy! When we are happy and kind to others, we will be happy! It's magical. I swear! Being Happy is Amazing! People want to be around you and you change people's lives. Don't you want to help people and make them feel better? Well I do. Also, when you have a good attitude, you make it easier for others to enjoy their lives. When someone comes and gossips or is nagging others down, it makes your life harder. I want to do the exact opposite and brighten others day. You can have a Happily Ever After if you are happy.I don't know... Are you going to have a happy ending?

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