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NBA Basketball
The best sport played by LeBron James

This is a awesome webpage. It is about the latest news on the NBA. The Wizards beat the Raptors and they sweeped them. Now they are versing the Hawks and are 1-1. The Heat are know not in the playoffs for the first time sience the 07-08 season. Also, The Cavs are 4-0 in the playoffs and they are in the next round of the playoffs. They are 1-1 with the Bulls. And also, the Warriors are 4-0 in the playoffs and they are going to the next round of the playoffs. The Warriors are also 1-1 in the playoffs with Memphis. The Bulls are 4-2 with the Bucks. They are now versing the Cavs today. (Wednesday)

Hello World. I just want you to know that I am a awesome person Also, here is a picture of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

I like the NBA and the NFL and the MLB. They are all awesome! LeBron James is awesome! He currently play's on the Cavaliers. Otherwise known as the Cavs. Also, some other players on the Cavs are: Kyrie Irving, Tristan Tompson, Kevin Love, etc. Also, Kyrie is an ankle breaker and he is a boss! Also, Timothy Monzgov is awesome too!

Also I like penny boards! And short boards and long boards! Also, I like to hang with my friends!

Click here to see my other page. Things I like Also, click here to see my friends web page. Izzy's radical web page. I also like Swig!