Hi world

I just want you to know that socceer is awesome. If you play defender it is crucial that your partner and you communticate. You also need to cover each other. One more is you can't be afraid of the ball. If your afraid of the ball you will not do very good. In soccer you also need to pay attention where the ball is. If you don't pay attention you could end up missing an important. You also need to stay of on your side, if you don't then if someone finally gets it to the side and passes there is no one there. Those are the very important things to know when you play defense on a soccer team.

If you play forward you need to stay up there. If you go back then when they pass the ball up no one is there. So forwards you have to stay by the other teams defense. Also make sure you stay in front of there last defender. Most forwards pass when a person i right on them. You want to pass before there defense gets on you.

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