The Secret Language of Girls!!!

The Secret Language of Girls!!! This page has some things that girls like and dislike. It has tips to make one happy.(This has nothing to do with tom-boys) Most girls have their things that they are picky about. They also have their own "Laws"that they follow and will live by. This site has some tips to a girls life.

Girls Like...

  • Candy,
  • Food,
  • Funny Quotes,
  • Marshmallows,
  • Masages,
  • Spas,
  • Mani Petti,
  • Something Soft to Cuddle in,
  • Desserts,
  • Shopping,
  • Friends,
  • Puppies and Kitties,
  • Makeovers,
  • Art and Crafting,
  • Romantic Movies,
  • Clothing,
  • And Anything cute!!!
  • Girls Dislike...

  • Bugs,
  • Spiders,
  • Mud,
  • Yucky Stuff,
  • Ugly stuff,
  • Chipped Nails,
  • Creepy Movies,
  • Boys acting like dorks,
  • Disgusting animals,
  • Stuff boys like,
  • Frizzy Hair,
  • Etc.
  • You get the point!!

    This is just a summary of the things that girls are picky about. Anyways, I will give you a tip to making a girl happy. First, invite her friends over. Second, get them something that they are actually interested in. Like for a suprise, take them to the mall. Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT bring something disgusting to her face.

    Now we will go to a different topic. Let's talk about how girls see things. Any type of bug or insect (to a girl) is a horid creature. They have the idea that it can "hurt" them. They are terified and they may scream like a little girl!! They, however, are not afraid of lady bugs, butterflys, caterpillars, or dragonflys. Or any graceful bug of any kind.

    Also, girls like adventures. However, these do not include anything gross. No bugs or mud involved.

    These are some fun websites that a girl that you may know will like...


    Girls also like any good food. Such as, crepes, waffles, pastries, doughnuts, candy, chocolate, cheese, ham, cookie dough, ice cream, chips, mozzarella bread sticks, fish sticks, pizza, pasta, fruit, some vegetables, pie, cookies, salad, soup, and tacos.

    Look at food network

    CRAFTING!!! Every girl likes to craft and make something of their own. Pintrest is a good sight to go to, if you want to find a fun craft.