Things I Like
Hello, World!

  • One of my favorite things is cars.
  • I also like my friends!
  • I also like Vat19
  • My friends are awesome! They are all very kind and supportive. Thanks friends!
  • Story Time!
  • Once upon a time there was a man named Jonas. (Not the Jonas from The Giver) Anyway, he was super asain with super asain powers. He could do geometry dash better than anyone in the hole world. One day he decided to show his parents his talent! So he did. His parents were surprised about how good he was. They thought that he was super boring and need more social life time, so they sent him to the millitary so he could die in battle. His parents didnt like him at all. He ended up escaping, inventing the flying car and became a billion air. His parents tryed to make up what they had done to him because they wanted his money. Jonas never talked to them again. THE END