I love soccer. It is the best sport ever! Actually i like snowboarding way way more. It is so fun.

I am about that good. I play for a soccer team called Utah Valley United.

that is my team logo. Here is a cool website that I like.click here to see it.

here is one of my friends web pages.
This is a website I made. It Is my favoritesoccer player.

one day this will be me.

I cant wait until that is me.

I also play a game on my ipod called clash of clans. I am not very good though.

it looks like that.

look at that tasty thing.

that looks sooooo good

that is not so good

in fact it is just nasty.

I really love cats. Like i love them soo much. They are adorable.

I love that kitty. But my kitty is looks like

I like those kitties even though they are fighting.

so cute!

one thing I really enjoy doing that i did at a friends b-day is paintball. Although i came home with tons of welts and bruises.

ooohhh yyyaaaaa

I love to hike. My two favorite hikes are kings peak tallest mountain in utah and Angels landing in zions national park.

and then there is kings peak.

isn't that so cool?

look at these cute little kitties.

I love cats!

love it

I just love how cute they are!!!
my favorite soccer player is Lionel Messi

He is soooo awesome! Look how good he is

Isn't that just awesome!

This is a website I really like.

I like that because I am a fast typer

Look at my friendswebpage. I think the very bottom is super funny. I really like to ripstick. I have a ripstick dlx. I like it a lot.

that is what it looks like.
I am not very good though. I can go off curbs and up curbs.

Isn't that cool to.

Mess is so cool. That is a cool guy.

he got cool gadgets. I am scared now.

He gives me nightmares.