Hello world, This is a website that is random, so if you dont like random go somewere else. Thank you.
Who am I, for all i know i could be this popcorn, it is hot fresh and delicios so it describes me perfectly, so how do i know that i am not popcorn, oh wait, we are all humans so we have to be not popcorn we all must be humans or we would bew being eaten by an old man. So in my conclusion we are all humans, or we would all be dead. Because we would be eaten at a movie theater by an old man and his 2 grand kids. So... how is everyone in the world? I'm ok I guess. I just broke my arm so yah but otherwise I'm doing really well. Like I said, this page is verry random so if you don't like that then exit out of this site and click on a different link. Thank you for reading my article.