I like candy,
I like people ,
I like being weird

and I like to be dreaming. and I like to be jumping around the halls
I like too look at my clock and I like to play soccer with Maizie, Laura and Squidney and Izzy, they are the homies. and I like the brazilian beaches a lot and I like beying happy
. I like to look at the skies a lot I think the stars make my life/_^ I like going to sleep and thats true because im a dreamer its like (yipee and peace!) yep well!!!!!!! today i wokw up and i saw tons of cats on me hahahaha i felt like i woke the hole city lol when i see its a cat o wow....... its like u dont know anything well dreaming againg you know its weird because i never see people sides. i like maria one of my friends she is awesome. and im from brazil city fortaleza ceara . sabe de nada inocente i know how to speak 4 different languages :) i told you sabe de nada inocente.ei doidin sabe quanto e 3 mais 3 = nao gosto de matematica . and i like to hang out with my dad mz and laura are my friends we went to the festival of colors well it was fun we were all the colors it was fun..... not to many people like me (as a friend) its just weiird i dont have much friends as people i like to do stuff with people but mostly hard well im a dreamer cant judge myself. summer bucket list i dont have no one but i dont really care i hardly have friends but does peps up there are gdfr wow thats my life i dont see much probs in my life my life is nice well i like to hang on the park and look at the skies but hadly i dont have friends i really like maizie she is nice and chill and laura psh she is like my blood and maizie is like my life i really like them both well i cant put too much on my brain or else psh my brain explode i never use my life as a book i never seem problem with my friends or buddies well i have a bb gun boom world is done jk but it is fun.. but life is my best budie dude dudde dude have u been on the bigest slide in the world i did its so scary this is a beach from where i was born i was actually born in a hospital but this is a beach from my city and my hole life story is CrAzY CrAzY CrAzY not telling doe
/ like to run in my backyard dope and if you think im weird i dont care $$$$$$$$$$$$$ i care about moneyyy THis is an awesome song!