This is da freaking Llama page.

Click here to see a dude's page with ANOTHER Llama on it.
(The coolest Llama is at the bottom. Click on the link) Dis page has da best music. Oh yeah. This one too. I bet i could find much better, but this is the coolest song my computer teacher could manage to find.
I like the Minecraft version, but this is the regular and (not the Minecraft version) original. The Minecraft version is about a king hiding from the mobs that run around. The king fights Herobrine and he jumps out of a window. He lands in a sort of deep puddle (or swimming pool) and lives. The king's son wakes up out of a coma, and he gets adopted by a Ninja Villager. But that "Ninja Villager" part is another song.

It's not all of the song, but if you go to the page I mentioned before, the music loops. I like to listen to that music while I work. Just a suggestion. Here is more Llama pictures.