I love rc cars! The rc cars I have had are the ecx circuit and the helion invictic 10MT they'er both electric and the ecx circuit is slow it only dose about 15-20mph my newer invictic dose 35mph with the higher gear and 32mph with the lower gear my old one was two weel drive so it was slow and could go almost no where(especially with the "balled" tires). also it was a peace of junk in the snow and it was like trying to fly a plane without a tail. Luckly for me my new truck is four weel drive so it is posible to keep it strait and it has better exelaration and you can turn it on flat road in the summer. The bad part about my new one is when it rolls going at 30mph or above it dose not do good to the poor cap(it is realy thin to save weight). for my next b-day I want to get the Traxxas Revo 3.3

because it is a lot buffer, runs on nitro(a type of gas), it is faster, It has universle joints not the "dog bones", It is made by traxxas, It has the revo frame, also because it is traxxas there are more up-grades for it and new parts are easier to find than most other companies, the revo 3.3 also has very good revews, and you can find it used for around $150 and that is one third the original price and it comes with so many new parts
Also did I ever tell you about the rc plane I want?

Or did I tell you about the bike I want?

And have you seen the all new fation for granneys?

Also have you seen a car to get you to school on time?

I am bored