Drones are BEASTNESS

By:Lionel Messi

This awesome report is about drones. First, you will learn about the awesome people and when the first drone was created.  Secondly, you will figure out what a drone is.  Then, I will tell you about how the amazing drone works.  Finally, I will tell you about some awesome facts about drones.  That is what my awesome report will be.

History of IT 

        I am going to talk about who created the first drone. According to Chris Cole the first drone was invented by the U.S Military. They built drones to for gunnery practice. The military used drones for training too. The U.S military created the first drone. Image result for Drones

        This paragraph is about when was the first drone created. According to thenation.com the first drone was created in the 1980s-90s. Drones were created in the 19 century. Drones were created awhile from now. The first drone was created in 1980s-90.Image result for The first drone ever

        This paragraph is about what the first drone ever created was named.

What IT is

        This paragraph is about what a drone is. A drone is a piece of technology. It is usually a piece of that can fly. A drone is something that many people can use. Drones are a very useful piece of technology.Image result for what a drone is

        This paragraph is about

        This paragraph is about

How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how drones work.

        This paragraph is about

        This paragraph is about

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about drones that help police. Drones help police in many ways. One of the ways is that in a police chase they can keep an eye on the fugitive even when nobody is chasing him. That is only one way that drones help the police.Image result for police drone

        This paragraph is about how drones help everyone. Drones can help us in many ways. Drones help police, military, civilians, and many other people. The way it helps us is we can do videos from super high. Drones can help everyone.Image result for drones taking videos

        This paragraph is about drones that deliver packages. Amazon is making drones that deliver packages to houses. Soon these drones are going to be flying stuff to us.

Image result for an amazon drone