The Power of Dones

by Dr. Seuss


        Help! Help! Help! It’s a forest fire someone called the firefighter drones!It flies and it goes on your wrist. MOM! The pizza drone is here! The TWIN TOWERS! THE FBI DRONES! If you want to know more about the sentences go read my report. I will talk about the history of it, what it is, how it works, and cool facts about it.

History of IT

Drones can purchases deliver. I would like to thank and the author Adam Clark Estes. Drones can deliver purchases. I think that is cool. Packages are now drone delivered by drones. If you buy a packages all you have to is wait for the drone to deliver your packages!   Dji phantom4

        Drones have improved over time. They first were things with cords attached. Now they are wireless. Thanks to The dji who made a cool drones. It uses 24 satellites. I like that drone. I would like to thank

        Nixie the wearable drone. Nixie is a drone on your wrist. It videos you and your greatest time. It has started out with radio controlled drones to, a drone on your wrist. Now when you need a camera you can just use nixie. It costed a little more than a gopro($300). It is sold out right now but, there will be more in June. I would like to thank Wikipedia for my information.Image result for nixie drone


Police drones in action! Drones are now used in the police. The FBI uses drones too. Now police can see problems to solve in the sky. Police can now catch crime faster thanks to drones. I thank result for police drones

What IT is

        Drones can be firefighters. They help stop forest fires. Now drones can help the environment. They will make the world a better place. If they help the environment people will like drones better. I hope they will like them as much as I like drones. They don’t just stop the fire they fight too! I would like to thank gizmodo.comImage result for forest fire drone

        The  first armed drones purpose was to kill someone. Osama bin Laden was a very evil terrorist. Why he is very evil is because he is responsible for the driving the airplanes in the twin towers. The drone would have killed Osama bin Laden. I would like to thank topyaps

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How IT Works

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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