The Amazing 3-D Printer That can Print Itself!

By: Percy Jackson


        This report is about 3-D printers. First, you will learn about its ‘ol days. Secondly, you will read about what the heck it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it functions. Finally, I will blow your mind (maybe literally) with some amazing things that the 3-D Printer can do! Hopefully you love it! (If you come back with all your pieces)

History of 3D Printer

        According to Antu Nehuen, (, we use batteries everyday. We need a lot of batteries in the world. We seriously depend on them. We need lots of electricity. 3-D printers have found out a way to print out much better batteries. They last much longer and hold much more electricity. They are much better than the old batteries.

        According to, Brian Krassenstein, ( The 3-D Printer has gotten much better over the time. It used to only be plastic, but now it can do much more materials such as wood and metals. It can make much bigger things now and much smaller things. It used to only do medium kinds of stuff, and it didn’t look very smooth, and it was really rough from the layers and layers of material. Now it can do much more and better stuff such as a car, a house, and even a computer!



What 3D Printer is

        This paragraph is about what a 3D printer is. The 3D printer is a machine that is like a normal printer, but it’s 3D. It says it in it’s name. Well it can squirt out materials like plastic, metal, and even wood. And it drys really fast and creates well, basically whatever you want. It can also print any food you want if you get the ingredients.

        You can create amazing things with it. Just you need to know how to make designs for it. First, you need to find a design online or create one. Make sure the design is 3D or it won’t work. After you design it you make sure the 3D printer knows what you want to print or it won’t function and won’t print anything. It’s like a cat needs a brain to work and move, but if it doesn’t have a brain then it won’t do anything.

How 3D Printer Works

        This paragraph is about how the 3D printer works. It is a machine that has little nozzles that spray out materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc. It sprays out the material and puts layers and lots of layers in it and then it eventually creates the thing you want.


        3D Printers are very complicated to use. If you do it a lot of times though it is easy for them. 3D printers are one of the most amazing things in the world right now. Because they can literally create anything your mind wants. Just create the design or find one on the internet and create basically whatever you want. (except for lethal things like bombs)

Extra Amazing Facts                                                  About the 3-D Printer


        Did you know that the 3D printer can print whole buildings? It’s just like a giant version of a regular 3D printer. It prints brick by brick. So we won’t have to build buildings from our hands, now we can tell a machine to do it! There also is 3D printers big enough to print whole cars! It’s amazing what 3D printers can do.

        This paragraph is about how 3D printers can print food in space. NASA is working up to putting a 3D printer with food ingredients so they can have normal food in space by “printing” the food out of the printer so they can have normal food in space and not always have that space food.

        3D Printers can now print circuits! They can print epic new batteries that hold a ton more energy in a tiny little cell. It can even make a computer! It could even an exact working replica of the computer you are using right now to read this! It can make phones, keyboards, electric guitars, etc.