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Drones Aren’t Dumb

by Bo Bo Da Monkey


Want to explore the underwater world without getting wet? Well, the company openROV has made this possible! Do you like fast objects? I know a few! Fast or underwater not your thing? I have bombs! I can tell you about bombing stories with drones involved! Drones can be pretty cool.

History of IT

        When was the first drone made? Find out! According to Wikipedia, the first drone ever made bombed the city Venice, Italy on August 22, 1849. It was an unmanned balloon that had bombs attached to it that fell over the city. The people that designed this drone was the people of Austria. Moral of this info: Don’t mess with Austria.

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        Want to know who makes drones? I can tell you! According to the main drone exporter is Israel. They ship a ton of drones to the army and make really good ones. From underwater to walking on lava. They make the best drones ever!

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        The first drone was awesome! According to Wikipedia, the first drone ever made was a balloon with bombs attached to it. It would have a timer that would go off and release the bomb. It was really good for airborne attacks and perfect for a surprise. That was a pretty good drone for how old it is.

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What kinds are there?

        Love to explore underwater? Check this out! According to, the underwater drone, the Trident, can be remote controlled and can explore underwater stuff. It has 2 propellers and can take many pictures while underwater!

        Like balloons? According to Wikipedia, there is balloon drones. They were invented in 1849 and had bombs attached to it. They were very fast and efficient (for a balloon!) They would float away and could bomb other places without harming the rider!

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        Want to rob a bank? Think again! With the new police drone crooks will be caught right after a rob, as in there in 5 seconds. They don’t have to go through traffic and can fly very fast. These drones have been deployed in European countries. Soon, they will be all over the world!

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What is smallest to biggest?

        This paragraph is about the smallest drone.

        This paragraph is about the biggest drone.

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Super Cool Fact That Will Blow Your Mind

        SUPER FAST DRONE ALERT! According to Robert Johnson, the fastest drone ever made went up to 460 mph! The 2nd fastest drone ever made goes 300 mph and has a battery life of 30 hours. Sadly, the 420 mph drone only has a battery life of 20 hours. But, wow they are fast!

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