Wearable Wonders

by french fry face        


 Have you ever seen those watches with the cameras? Well you might be interested to school up on those things.Wa think about it.

History of IT

        This paragraph is about when it was made, according to wickipedia, the public only knew about it in april, 2012 but shortly later on april 5, the prototype of it was worn by Sergey Brin.

        This paragraph is about how it has improved over time. The first wearable was made in 1938! Although it was just a hearing aid. But without that they have been growing and know they are like 100 times better that they were

        This paragraph is about what kinds of wearables can you get. They first started out as tiny little hearing aids, now they have medical devices, fitness trackers and health gadgets and infotainment devices like virtual reality gamer goggles and smart watches primarily used for communication.that IT is

        This paragraph is about searching Google with Google Glass.  According to Kayla (from thegadgetflow.com), all you have to do is say, “ok google” from the home screen, and it will open up google. From there, ask anything you want to google and it’ll give you an answer.