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 The ultimate amazing Robots

By the Winter Soldier



If you get tired while driving the car? Did you know there is a robot that sits on the dashboard and has voice control and cameras to see when you are tired and need sleep! The robot can control the car too. amazing right? I think it is AWESOME!!! Did you know that there is a robot that is the fastest legged robot find out what robot it is!


Do your parents always want you do something that goes with school? Do they they want you to do your homework before the fun? Well with sphero you can do both! You see sphero creates a love for coding, robotics, and STEM principles so you can be doing school with fun at the same time! Plus there are many kinds of sphero. if you like the amazing droid BB-8 they have that. If you like the old fashioned stuff the normal sphero is for you.

If you like new but not so new sphero SPRK edition is totally for you. GO SPHERO!!!

History of IT

 So there are different kinds of sphero’s. one is new which is bb-8. the first one which is the normal. and the one in between is SPRK. they have changed the sphero’s and the sphero’s have gotten better over time.

What IT is

        The best kind of robot to get is the sphero SPRK edition because it creates a love for robotics, coding, and for stem principles.

        The robot that is built inside the car looks like the disney eve. The robot has video cameras and it also has a voice control so it can see when the driver is tired and controls the car on its own.

How IT Works

        There is a robot that can use what it has in the room to help it out. It is sort of like ultron if you know what I mean.

        There is a flying robot that looks like the real thing. It is used for scaring of animals that eat their crops.

        The flying robot can also fly like the same thing. It flies like it so it can make the animals think it is real and fly away.


the cheetah robot that is the fastest robot ever. It can run faster than 29 mph. It flexes it’s back to increase the speed for every step like the real cheetah.

        Did you know that there is a box coming soon that holds four different robots? It holds four robots it holds a quadcopter, sphero, mobot, and armbot. It can help with school work, really!