The amazing Wearable tech[a]

By iron man


        Do you ever hate taking your phone out of your pocket every time you get a text? Well you don’t have to now with some of the wearables that people have made. They have amazing wearable tech that goes from tape players that go on your belt to glasses that have a tiny computer screen in the corner.


History of IT

        Do you know the famous action sports camera company called Gopro well here is some of the history of Gopro. Gopro started at the gopro hero 35mm camera and so far have gotten to the hero4. Gopro has also made the hero4 session which is just the size of the camera lens.Image result for gopro

        Did you know that there is a watch that tracks health stuff and keeps you healthy? Well here is some of Fitbits history. The fitbit started at the fitbit zip a small device that clipped on to your clothing and could track your health. Then it went to the fitbit one which is basicly a newer version of the fitbit zip. There is the fitbit alta that is also a clip on. They started making them on wristbands like the next one on the list which is the fitbit flex. Then they made the screens bigger and the next one on the list is the fitbit charge. The fitbit charge HR is the better version of the fitbit charge. It can track your heart rate. Then it is the fitbit blaze which has the screen the size of a normal watch and it is touch screen. The last fitbit is the fitbit surge which is just a little better then the blaze.Image result for fitbit


Do you know who Oculus Rift is? Well if not he is a man who made real first person video games! When you you move you phone you see where you move it. Now he has invented a type of goggle that does that same thing. Wherever you look the games looks. It feels real when you play video games.Image result for oculus rift goggles

What IT is

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How IT Works

        HEY! Have you heard about the wearable tech that they use in sports. People are keeping their athletes safer. They have been working on a mouth guard that would be sort of like a fitbit. But you can tell where they got hit from so they can know where to do medical work.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Have you ever heard about the glasses that are also a computer? Here is a cool paragraph about how google glass can be bad for your eyes. According to if you are under thirteen it can ruin your eyesight. So kids under 13 can’t wear google glass.

        Did you know that people use wearable tech in racing? You better read this if you don’t! how they use wearables in racing. According to Andrew Armstrong they actually use google glass in horse racing to check with the racer and the horse to see if they are healthy or not. It makes it easy to see if the horse is sick or not

        Did you know that wearable tech isn’t water proof? Well read this paragraph. you would think that most wearable watches would be water proof. According to most wearables are not water proof. You would also want to have a smartwatch to be able to handle more rough bumps so it won’t break so they make protective cases for them.

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