No Holding Needed

by Spider-Man


        Have you ever wondered if your phone battery wouldn’t die so fast? This report will tell you the history of battery and the history of other things. You will also find out about what wearables can do. You will eventually figure out why most wearables shouldn’t go in water. The last thing you will learn is some really cool things on a really cool motorcycle helmet. This is some stuff you will learn in this report.

History of Wearables

        Have you ever wondered how long a battery could last on Apple Watch? According to Lisa Hope King the Apple watch battery can last a while. It may not seem like history but battery is. The battery on the Apple Watch can last up to 18 hours. You can sleep with it and charge it in your car or just charge it while you sleep. Battery can be history when you use it that’s how this is history.

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What Wearables can do

        Have you ever wanted to video your game with a camera and not miss a moment of it? According to Kayla there is a jersey with a camera in it. There is cameras that go in your sports jersey when you play. It can record  what you say and do at that moment. It can hear your grunts and other things. So if you swear everyone who watches the video will hear it.

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If you want a wearable and don’t have to worry about the screen breaking, well now you don’t. According to Nick Statt Google is trying to make the first wearable with no glass. Google is trying to make the first nonglass wearable. If they do this then we won’t have to worry about it breaking so easy.

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How They work

        Have you ever wondered if wearables could be in water? According to a lot of people a lot of wearables are water proof. Not all wearables are waterproof but some are. All wearables are only water resistant when it comes to washing hands or rain. A suggestion would be not to swim or shower with it on. If they aren’t waterproof at all then don’t even think about it is a good thing to do.

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Have you ever wondered if your fitbit could be in water for a long time? According to Fit bits are not completely waterproof. It would be better not to swim or shower with it on. If you shower with them on then they might short circuit and shock you. It may stop working and not track your steps and never work again.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you only have good control over one hand or one foot, if you do then this is the shoe for you. According to Laura Rosenfield there is a shoe nike has made that you will find out about.  There is such thing as a shoe that you can take off with one hand. It was made by nike and it has a zipper and velcro. It may not seem like it’s technology but there is a lot more to it.

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        Have you ever wanted to be like Iron Man, well now you can with this new motorcycle helmet. According to Jason Dorrier there is a motorcycle helmet that will be told to you.  There is literally a motorcycle helmet that is like a Iron Man mask. It has a GPS and tracks how far you have traveled. You can see your blind spot without turning your head. It has an aerodynamic fin to help with the wind. If you have a phone connected through bluetooth you can answer calls.