Smarter  Smartphone 

by Michelle Trainor



 Are Smartphones really smart??? Do you know how long you are on your smartphones? Go to What is it to find out. Do have any apps like instagram? I would look in super cool facts on smartphones to find out about                                                                                                                        apps. Are you ever curious on how people get in car accidents? Go to super cool facts. I wonder who the inventor is.  You should go to History to find out.  If you are thinking the same I would definitely read on. To find out

History of IT


        How do people think of this stuff making a device you can call on. This fact  is going to be about the inventor of the phone Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor. Alexander Graham Bell was deaf. He graduated from university of london, under his grand fathers name. He than invented the telephone in 1848.


What IT is

         What does it work what does it do have you ever wonder those questions I know i have. This is about  what does it do and smartphone can go underwater and take pictures. You can also download very cool apps like instagram and twitter. U can also communicate on the phone. With texting and calling. You can even call people across the world.

          People on their smartphones and taking selfies. I wonder how long people are on their smartphones. This is going to tell you how long do humans stay on their smartphone for 4.7 hour every 12 hours of the day. Adults usually only get 6 hours of sleep. Some people even less. If you were to sleep for 6 hours u would almost have the same time limit  that u have on you smartphone. Kids/teenagers get more but still 8 hours of sleep compared to being on your smartphone for 4.7 hours. Not that big of a difference in my opinion.



Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

         Are you ever wondering why people get in car accidents or how? Heres some cool facts of the smartphone. A smartphone has caused 64% of car accidents. While people are talking on

their phones or texting.


Do you ever think of how much a phone cost and how it is made? Here is some  cool facts of the smartphones. It takes $ $187.51 manufacture a phone. The screen and memory take the longest and is the most expensive part on a smartphone.

 I am always looking at my smartphone to see if i have someone has texted or someone posted. Here are some cool facts about smartphones did u know that people look at their smart every 6-7 min a day 150 times a day..