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     Mom do you know where we parked our car? Ooops i forgot this stupid memory of mine. Do want to know if they found there car keep reading. First, you will learn about its AWESOME history, and how cool it is.  Next, you will read about what it is. Not last but next next, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some SUPER  cool facts like how you can find you car with your GPS. Hopefully you will learn something new![a][b]

History of IT 

        What is Navstar Navigation? Is it a bird, a plane, no it’s a GPS satellite  According to Elizabeth Howell, Navstar is a navigation. From the U.S. that provides global positioning system GPS services. They are used for both Military and used by us. So basically everyone can use it. They are even starting to put them into drones. I think this is great because my friend’s dad is in the military.

        This paragraph is about What was the first name of It? GPS was called Navstar in the beginning. The first Navstar satellite was launched in 1978. But,  the first fully developed GPS satellite was launched in 1989. Wow that is nearly 10 years apart. I like that because they kind of changed the name to something easier.

        This paragraph is about how many GPS Satellites are there? to TECH Blog says that no one really knows how many there are. Because the hardware in the sky makes the Global Positioning system work mysteriously. OHHHHH mysteriously. I think that’s a little weird because i think the government and stuff should know. How many GPS satellites there are because who know’s one could blow up the earth or planets or something.!!!

What IT is

Do you know how the GPS has improved over time, well i’m going to tell you? Thanks to Christen Costa, (that is where i got all my information). The Android GPS rear view mirror has improved over time. They have made a 720p capable DVR camera, it can rotate in 360 degrees. It’s titled and shifts. That is a pretty good improvement.

        How does GPS work I don’t know do you? Just kidding i wrote this paragraph of course i know!! It is super easy to install, it fits over your existing rear view mirror. It comes with a bluetooth phone thing, and a 500mAh battery. It also comes with the charger, and basically everything you need. I think that great because it doesn't  cost that much money for so much.

        Is a GPS satellite just a satellite, let’s finds out? Thanks to TrackSchoolBus for all my information. Every GPS satellite has many atomic clocks, and the signals sent out by the satellite. These signals help the GPS receiver know what the time is.  100 billionths of a second these are also used to synchronise time to the cell phone network. I guess this is where i get my time on my phone.


         Do you really know how much it cost to send a satellite? If you are thinking about just launching a vehicle, think $50 million to $500 million depending on the size. Thats a  lot of a money. There are some cheaper options, but they have limited them. Sounding rockets actually get you into space. But they can’t put you into orbit, you just go up high enough, and then fall back down. They probably cost more like $1 million.

How IT Works

        How many hours does it take for a GPS satellite to travel around the world, I wonder? Thanks from Tech Blog (information again). Well how many hours does it take. According to TECH BLOG it takes 12 hours. Wow that a lot that each GPS satellite to go around the world takes 12 hours. Wow that is kind of amazing. That’s almost how long it takes to get from wyoming to here. Wow!!!

        Do you have to have a battery, I would think you do? Thanks to Christen costa for my information. Do you have to have a battery for it. Well i’m going to tell you my opinion first then say the answer. I would think you do because like some electronics die really fast. All electronics have  batteries, are your ready for the answer? The answer is Yes you do, i was right i  was right i was right!!!

        Is a GPS satellite just for navigation? I know this paragraph is a little short, but it gives you information!! Is it just for navigation? I don’t think so but let’s find out. Well i found out that it is also used as a time stamp. I can tell the exact time. Wow that is cool i like that fact.

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about What was the GPS satellite used for?

         This paragraph is about What is a cool thing it can do?

        This paragraph is about Can you locate your car? Accoding to that is wear i got all my info on this topic. If you forget where you car was you can locate it with your GPS. Wow my grandma needs that!!! Jkjk. I think that is pretty cool because what if you car got stolen hmmm. If you had your GPS in the car and your smartphone in your pocket, what do you know?

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