Cool. SmartPhones

by Cool Casey


Have you ever thought about phones that can bend like rubber? I haven't either. But for some odd reason they decided “Hey why don't we make a phone that can bend? Because…. We’re rich and we have the money.” So you can obviously see that apple has way too much time on their hands. Not intrigued. Well then go somewhere else.Image result for RespectImage result for bendy iphone

Think i'm rude? Well on this report i just say what i think and the truth. So Still with me? Great let’s get started. :) I respect you because you are following me :P


History of IT

        The first smartphone was made in 1992 it didn't look like the modern phones we have today, it had a tint screen with a big inteni. Now almost everyone has one, even if it isn't the popular companies like apple or android. Even elders have smartphones, Most anyway.Image result for first smartphone

What IT is

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        Instead of those old big brick looking home phones or cellphones, people have skinny little pocket size phone. Smartphones are improving a lot over time. People want bigger and faster phones. And the demand for smartphones are crazy and outrages.

iPhones are really popular. What a iphone is, is a device that lets you keep in touch with your friends family and your loved one. Your friend could be in china while you are in california but all you have to do is send a message and your friends will get it and you can facetime or skype ooVoo. They also have message apps. Messager TextMe Text Free and stuff like that. Also when you are bored you can draw or even play games.

How IT Works


I don't know how to explain this so here you go. I guess you need a SIM card. To make calls otherwise your smartphone is kind of useless. So If you want a working phone then get a SIM card.

Also smartphones have a camera to take photos. Shocker right? The smartphone with the best camera though is apple. So give them some credit when you take a picture.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Iphones are up to 800 or 900 Dollars! And they made a iphone that can last up to 30 minutes in the water. They also have waterproof cases and screens. Soon iphones are going to be completely waterproof!

     Image result for iphone in water

Another really awesome fact, that was in the cover is that iphones can bend. Yes IPHONES can bend. Now of course you can't just bend it like its paper. But it being more bending makes it harder for the iphone to break. And i don't know about you but iphones break pretty easily. So Yay Apple!

Another really cool interesting fact is that iphones have an app store. Yes i know that. But it doesn't really seem cool unless you put it like this. Anyone can download something and they can legally use it! I don't know but i thought that was cool, but that may be just me.

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