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    D[a][b][c][d]a Dope Wearables

by Jeff [e][f][g][h]Curt


        Let’s talk business. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers, MONEY!  First, This is about some boring history that might put you to sleep if you are not interested.  Secondly, You will learn what the wearable can do for you and freaking thousands of people!  Then, I will teach you about how it works and the best kind you can buy.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool wearable stuff. Let’s get down to beeswax.

History of IT

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What IT is

        According to Adobe wearables and people are a thing. One-sixth out of seven freaking thousand people use wearable technology. That is not that much that is fifteen percent. That is really sad. I love wearables. This is stuff such as smartwatches and fitness bands. This is just in their daily lives.

        MONEY you spend on wearables. You spend $120-$240. This is in 2014. It now can cost $15,000.00. That is 82 British pounds. Smartwatch cost 163 British pounds.

        According to Ashley a wearable can save a life. This wearable is the smallest, it will save lives, and it is meant for is you are drowning or you are too weak.

How IT Works

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     According to Best Buy a popular wearable is a smartwatch. This will be about the wearable called the smartwatch and how it works. They are stylish and functional which can help with your digital life. Smart Watches sync to your iphone or android. Options like the Apple watch send alerts and notifications to your technology.

        According to pcmag most wearables are not waterproof. Trackers are more resilient than smartwatches. They are able to handle the bumps, shakes, and the most important, SWEAT! Any tracker should be able to take on moisture and splashes. Exercise usually ends up all sticky and damp. That doesn’t mean they are waterproof. Most of them are NOT!

        According to Yael Grauer Bluetooth is everywhere. Your smartwatches, fitness trackers, and the iphone in your pocket have Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy profile they can connect to each other without wasting battery power.

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


According to KAYLA a wearable can be in a shirt. It has a built in HD camera! It let’s the audience experience the game in the vision of an athlete. You might even hear what they are doing and saying. There is no [i][j][k][l]setup required which is nice. It will instantly send the video. This is called the Smart Shirt.Image result for wearable on a smart shirt picture

        According to Adobe these are the basics of the smartwatch.The smartwatch is proved to be the best well-know wearable. 36 percent of people are familiar with them. Only 23 percent said they were willing to buy one. The main reason people buy them is for calling, tracking, and listening to music.

        According to Adobe the percentages of wearables and electronics are crazy. 40 percent are Smartwatches which is a wearables, 27 percent Kindles, 21 percent ipods, 39 percent Google Glass which is another wearable, and 17 percent Video Game consoles. I put in video game consoles because kids use video game consoles a lot. These are all the wearables and electronics you will use in your daily lives.

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