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Robots Rock!!!

by Kooper Dog


        Robot’s got married! I repeat! Robots got married! If you want to find out more about this marriage read my report. You will be surprised to find out when robots were invented. You wouldn’t believe that robots were invented way back when they were. You will find out how big the biggest robot in the world is. Did you know there are some jobs that robots can’t do as well as humans? There are also jobs humans can’t do as well as robots. Would you want a robot with a human face? Read more to find out what other people think. The smallest robot in the world is… read the rest of my report to find out. You will have a few questions that the paragraphs will answer.

History of IT

        The first robot was invented a long time ago. I’d like to thank for giving me this information. The first robot was invented around 400-350 BC. I didn’t know they would have machines way back then! It was created by a mathematician named Archytas. The first robot was an artificial bird. Isn’t that amazing!? I wish I could build a robot! Especially the first one!Japanese body remover


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What IT is

        The largest robot is huge!. I’d like to thank  for giving me this info. The largest robot is 51 FEET! It was created by Germany's Zollner Elektronik. The dragon is GORGEOUS! It is a giant dragon. The dragon is named Tradinno. When the dragon gets old they just build another one.Image result for germany's zollner elektronik


Guess how small the smallest robot is. I’d like to thank for giving me this information. It is less that 10 millimeters. It is practically a hair on Lincoln's chin on the penny. It is tiny! I’d like to thank for giving me this information. I think this is TINY! Do you think so too?Image result for the smallest robot ever


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How IT Works

        Did you know there are jobs robots can’t do as well as humans? I’d like to thank for giving me this information. Robots can’t open a door or play music/sing as well as humans. When they try, the door won’t open easily. I thinks this is funny because what if a robot tried to open a door and couldn’t do it? Would they just try to do it again or would they smash down the door?Image result for jobs robots can't do as well as humans


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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Robots got married! Robots got married! According to, one Saturday a few years ago, two robots got married. The wedding was held in Tokyo. Many people came to their wedding including other robots. The wedding ended with a kiss.Image result for robots getting married pictures


Do you think robots can look too human? Most robots have human faces, but not all. The robots with human faces might look a little too human. Some robots just have a human face but some have a huge human body? Why are people making robots look human you ask? Well I don’t know for sure but I think maybe it’s so humans think the robots are another human.Image result for can robots look too human?


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