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Are you tired of doing so many chores well introducing ROBOTS that do chores! Robots can now do gardening and house cleaning isn’t that just cool. But that’s not all robots can do they can even monitor your house, SECURITY!!! There is even robots that can take calls for you!!! If you wanna know more read the rest of my report (also some can control electronical things WARNING WARNING.)


Doctor robots can help you by surgery of other things that’s wrong with your body. They basically make Doctor’s job easier, they basically make everything easier homework, gardening, and even security. Give credit to the internet.

Robots in the past broke all the time but now some of them patrol your house for strange things and drones are robots that carry packages to your home. They can do many jobs for you like gardening and housekeeping. Robots also help people because some robots are doctors and    

help your heart sort of like Baymax but way less awesome.

What IT is

Robots are made out of metal and filled with electricity the things robots and humans have in common. They can build lots of things the one I think is the coolest is the crane. Robots can help people with math and cooking just about anything except for washing your hands.


How IT Works

You can teach robots things and tell it what to do like if you want

To play a game with someone but no one is home a robot could play the game if you taught it how to play (like Chess)


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Robots can hold a lot of weight. The main robots are cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated. Which are pretty cool. ROBOTS ARE THE BEST YOU SHOUlD REALLY GET ONE!