Wearables are the bomb!

By Ni Ni

Today you get to learn about, drum roll please……….Wearables! 

There are so many cool gadgets like socks that make it so your feet don’t sweat! Including a water bottle that fills by itself! I bet you want to know how that works huh? You want to learn about crazy little thingamajigs then read my amazingly awesome report.

The fontus

        You and your family go on a hike, suddenly the ground shakes, and you guys get stuck up the canyon! Your water supply is dwindling and every one is starting to freak out. All of a sudden you remember that you brought your Fontus Airo that refills itself, using light and air. Your family is able to survive until search and rescue find you guys.This little gadget is so useful especially for emergencies.

First v1sion

        When you are at a soccer game don’t you just want to be out on that field playing with them. I know I do, know we have the First V1sion. It is a camera in the chest of the player’s chest so you see almost exactly what they do. It also detects sound so you can hear the thud of the ball a grunt, breath, etc. You can feel like you are on the field playing with the team. This amazing technology is great for sport fans.

Stealth Socks

        Have you ever been at work or school and your feet are starting to get sweaty and gross, well no more! Now thanks to Maison impeccables socks. Now when get home take of your shoes and socks you pass out because of the stench. Using  a combination of silver and carbon infused fibers they are totally odorless. They also get rid of sweat 2x faster than Merino wool. They are cushioned, ventilated, and reinforced for durability.


        I absolutely love going to movies. Thanks to the new Royole-X you can have your own personal movie theatre, but on your face! It has headphones and a screen that goes over your eyes on the front of your face and attaches to the headphones. Now you can feel like you are in your favorite movie from chick flicks to action packed films.

Bluetooth Fitness headband

        Have you ever been out on a jog wanting to listen to your favorite songs, but you are struggling to keep your earbuds in. Now you can keep your hair out of your face and listen to your music without the hassle of wires, with the Bluetooth fitness headband. Now thanks to the bluetooth you don’t have to worry about wires being plugged in and you don’t have the risk of dropping your phone. Exercise in a whole new way!

Bottle opening ring

        This may not be technology like the ones before but it is a kind of technology. It is a bottle opening ring! This stainless steel ring is designed to easily pop off the top of a bottled drink with your hand! Now if you ever a have a drink at work, home, or school you don’t have to bring or find a clunky bottle opener. You have one on your finger. Now when someone needs a bottle opened you will be the first one they call.

Myo Gesture Control Armband

        How cool would it be to be able to control technology with the simple wave of a hand? Well guess what now you can withe the MYO Gesture Control Armband! You are able to control technology using simple motions. THat would make me feel like a superhuman. Doing presentations and stuff will be super easy because, you can swipe with your hand. A new way to love tech.