3D Printers make watermelon?


by The pizza man


        Danger! Danger! Danger!  If 3d printers keep improving at this rate anyone will now be able to make guns, bullets, car keys, ATM skimmers and much much more in only a couple of hours. The world will be more dangerous and there is little people can do about it.This report is about 3D Printers. First, you will learn about 3D Printers history and why they were originally invented.  Secondly, you will read about what 3D Printers is.  Then, I will teach you about how 3D Printers works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool but scary facts.

History of IT

        This paragraph is about why it was invented.[c] I got this from (https://3dprint.com/72171/first-3d-printer-chuck-hull/). I was wondering why 3d printers were invented I found out that they were need to prototype objects. Before 3d printers were invented it took about 6-8 week to prototype something. With the 3d printers that we have now we can 3d print things or prototype objects in a matter of hours. I think this is cool because we can now make objects so fast we can make almost anything in a couple of hours.


            This paragraph is about what has been accomplished because of 3d printers. I got this information from https://3dprint.com/87806/10-coolest-3d-prints/  According to Brian K., there’s an artist named Jonty, who created the smallest sculpture in the world.  The material that is used to make it is so tiny it is sensitive to light. The entire sculpture can fit on an ant’s forehead. I think this is cool because if we can make things that tiny we can make tiny computer parts and things that could only be made with certain machines but now with 3d printers anyone can make things like that.


What IT is

        This paragraph is about what people have made with of 3D printers. I was looking for some cool things that had been made with 3d printers. I’ve heard some 3d printers can print moving parts

        This paragraph is about how long it take to prototype something with a 3d printer and without a 3d printer.

How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how long it takes to prototype something with out a 3d printer vs with a 3d printer

Super Cool but scary Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about some problems that they are causing



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