>>Smartphones are Sweet<<

by Thomas Manetee


        Dad when are you going to get me that bed for my room. With a smartphone you don’t have to wait to go to the store. There are now online shops If you want to know more about a smartphone then keep on reading. First, you will learn about its history.  Secondly, you will read about what it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts. That is what my report will be.

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>>History of Smartphones<<  

There are rumors that the iphone 6 is water proof. And the rumor is true the iphone 6 is water proof well not all the way water proof. But you know it's cool, that it is waterproof. There were so many people who tried to see if it really was water proof. The results were amazing some worked better than others.

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What was the first smartphone invented? Thanks to www.phonearena.com  we get all of this info. The IBM Simon. This is the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, often referred to as the first smartphone ever. A prototype of it was introduced in 1992, but it wasn't until two years later when BellSouth Cellular released the handset in the U.S. for $899 on a 2-year contract or $1099 without commitment.

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A smartphone costing just about one percent of the price of Apple's iPhone has been unleashed on the Indian market.

The Freedom 251 smartphone, made by Indian company Ringing Bells, retails for 251 rupees ($4) according to its website.

The little-known Indian company was set up five months ago, reported DNAIndia.com.

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>>What a Smartphone is<<

        Smartphones are used Alot in our world. Most of our population has an iphone/smartphone. The most expensive iphone is the iphone 5 black diamond. It is solid gold and has real diamonds all over it. It was also developed over time.

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        This paragraph is about if they are expensive or not. Well you know how much the most expensive smartphone costs. But how much is the normal, average, everyday smartphone cost? Well the smartphone’s that are used the most are apple iphone’s. And the price of the iPhone 6 is either $199, $299, or $399.

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        Can a smartphone fly? Well if you take a smartphone on a plane it will fly. And i'm afraid that is the only way a smartphone can fly. Really that is really disappointing, but what if you could put an smartphone on a drone? I bet it would just fall off though. (This was brought to you by me)

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>>How a Smartphone Works<<

There are so many great things that the internet can tell you. Isn’t it great when science fiction becomes science fact? If you’re a little older, you probably wanted a communication device just like the one Captain Kirk used in the TV series “Star Trek” when you were growing up. Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise could talk over vast distances with these personal communication devices. Without the “communicator, the order to “beam us up, Mr. Scott” would have fallen on deaf ears, and we all know what would have happened to Kirk if he didn’t have any bars on his device.

Now that we’re well into the 21st century, our “communicators” make the ones on “Star Trek” seem like antiques. Not only can we talk to one another on our smartphones, but we can text, play music or a game, get directions, take pictures, check e-mail, find a great restaurant, surf the Internet, watch a movie. You get the idea. Smartphones are cell phones on steroids. Why is that?

>>Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind<<

        Have you ever thought about, How many smartphones have been sold in the world?

Around the world more than one billion smartphones have been sold since 2007 and demand is only expected to keep growing. Until 2010 it was Nokia that dominated the global smartphone market. Today however, Apple and Samsung are clearly leading the pack.

• Smartphones - Statistics & Facts | Statista

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Are people are on thier phone more than they think. For every 100 hours that you spend talking on the phone, you drastically increase the risk of brain cancer. Do you want to know by how much you’re increasing that risk?

I’ll get back to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you this: smartphones are addictive.

Most of us will find ourselves looking at our smartphones for most of the day, whether consciously or otherwise.

Sometimes, we may also feel the urge to look at our phones, even though we know that there will not be any notifications to check.

Here are 25 facts about phone addiction that will leave you completely surprised.

Read more at http://www.addictiontips.net/phone-addiction/phone-addiction-facts/

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        Thanks to Julie Bort we have this radical fact! As of February, China became the world's biggest user of smartphones, bumping the U.S. out of the No. 1 spot.

That will likely never change, since China has 1.3 billion people compared to 313 million in the U.S., reports mobile analytics company Flurry, who first noted the rise of China.

That got us thinking. How many people use smartphones in other countries and what kinds of things do they do with them?

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