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Supper smarter smartphones

by will smith


        If you think Kade is smart, you don’t know smart. -- You don’t know smart phones.  


History of IT

        The smart car is a car made by a group of college kids in australia took first in a convention they made it in 2014. It was finished in 2015.

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What IT is

        This paragraph is about it being water resistant. According to Gary Marshall, smartphones have tons of sensors so it does not break under water and so you don't have to replace it and by a new phone.  


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How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how the phone is better than a doctor.  According to Gary Marshall, they are better than robots and real doctors.

        It works like this it is a car driven by a smart phone and lots of technology that cost 30,000 dollars and it has lots of gadgets and cool things like a gps and a camera.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about a smartphone that drives a car. The First self driven car was invented by google and  a group of college kids from australia it costs up to 30,000 it is driven by a smartphone  it has a camera gps built in to it. It was a first place winner in a robotics competition they took first in the hole thing .it was a power wheel but they are working on usein

        This paragraph is about How it works  It is powered by smartphones it hooks on the car it is a gps and a camera to guide the car and they watch it and make more improvements and the car can stay in the right lanes.

This will make you want  to drive one. This  is about         the smart car .you are probably are thinking of the little car. But it is a little car but it is smarter ti is worth about 30 g's.   It was made in 2013 by a group of college kids from austria that took first in a convection.  This is a mini cooper power wheel that that was turned into a super smart car this will drive itself and can be controlled with a smart phone. This is even cooler they turned a go cart into a 40,000 dollar cart they are pretty fantabulous