The Amazing Technology of


by Cartar


        Drones are more of an amazing technology than you think[a]! WAY more. First, you will learn some cool facts. Secondly, you will read about questions that are way up there. Then[b][c], I will teach you questions that people might ask in the future. Lastly, I will tell you some details about the first drone. That is what my report will be, so I hope you will be more intrigued to read it.

(DJI phantom 3 standard. Very nice drone. Does not come with smartphone!)

Cool facts

        Did you know that drones can program themselves? Only simple little tweaks, but I bet you that in the future, if necessary, drones will be adding complete paragraphs of code to their databases. [d][e]

        Drones can be quadcopters. Do you know what quadcopters are? They have four wings. They are fun to fly, and you can have a terrific time with a drone. The wings aren’t as much wings as they are propellers, and for short, people call them props. Every once in a while, since eventually everybody crashes their drone at some point,

Questions that are way up there

        A drone in New Zealand scared a airplane pilot to death, according to It was at 1200 meters, more than any drone ever known. That is so crazy! Most drones can’t even fly 800 ft. This one was 1800 meters! It could have killed many aperson. Quite a few people ask: how high can a drone fly? Your answer may be right here.

        There are small play drones and large filming drones. The website I used has either been deleted or cannot be reached. Filming drones have many uses. Small toy drones are cheap, affordable and do not have as much mobility as small ones. Filming drones can become of much use for getting sky shots. Drones come in so many shapes and sizes.

In the future, people might ask these strange questions

        Did you know that a war drone on average kills more people than the twin towers together? A drone is very dangerous. It doesn’t matter if it’s a war drone, it still can hurt you. The props can be very harmful. You don’t want to be near a drone when it’s flying.

        In the future, drones might be able to make more of themselves. Drones working in drone factories. How cool would that be? That would also be interesting.

What are some details about the first drone?

        The first drone I cannot find details about. However, according to I have gotten my hands on some different information. The first quadcopter was used in 1908. It was a vehicle for the military that was and still is used for heavy combat. That is where it all started for quadcopters.

        The first war drone was used in the Vietnam war. It was based on a lightning bug, but in my opinion it looked more like a shark. If you scroll down, you can view a picture of it. Normally, drones are used to deploy It was used to deploy missiles

        I asked myself: what color was the first drone?. The first drone was supposed to be a firefly. It turned out to look like a shark. It was tan. It was not very cool. Today’s modern drones are much more streamlined, faster, and more efficient. I really hope you liked my report. I mean, if you look below, this is pretty impressive for my age. Well, I hope I answered a question or two of yours! And also, please recommend it to other people.

Just like my report, OK? Ok, so anyway, drones are awesome. Hope you learned something new about the Amazing Technology of DRONES.

Lightning Bug

The first drone ever used for violence (above) was in the Vietnam war.

Guess what? The boy who wrote this was ten years old!

[a]That is an awesome first sentence. I am never going to be bored with that.

[b]At the  intro end you should say something like I hope you like it or  you should read more to learn about my awesome cool drone facts or something like that

[c]The "I hope you like it" part is the very last paragraph, in which I will add it, and meanwhile, these should not be all facts. I also already asked the reader to continue. If you keep pushing the person to read with increasing ferocity, then they eventually will decide that the writer is not understanding enough. When they're done, they're done, and you shouldn't try too hard to keep them reading your report. Like I said earlier, people don't like it when others don't understand their needs and wants. It's a simple thing to do.

[d]i like this paraghaph