Dang, Drones are Dope!

by Jami Swift


        This report is about Drones . First, you will learn about its history.  Secondly, you will read about what it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  That is what my report will be.

Mom! Mom! Mom! When’s the pizza gonna be here? If you hate waiting for pizza delivery, you are going to love my report. You will find out how drones will make pizza delivery faster than ever. First, you will love learning about Donald Trump and other historical facts about drones.  Next, you will learn about what a drone is, for example renting one. Third, I’ll teach you how it works. You won’t believe how the military uses drones.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some interesting facts. When you find out how police use drones, you will never want to rob a bank ever again.  Drones are cool. I hope you enjoy this report.

History of IT

        Sadly, drones have killed a lot of people. I read on Avjot Ghai’s webpage that drones have killed nearly 3,300 people. Wow!  That’s a lot. 900 of them were civilians. Civilians are the non-military people (like you and me).  179 of them were children. More people were killed by drones then people killed in 9/11.  I think this is horrible because I know how sad it is when someone I love dies.

We shall not  build a wall. According to Efacts. The U.S. has been patrolling the U.S. Mexico border for the past three years. So if you think about it Donald Trump doesn't need to build a wall. I think it is cool because these drones could catch the Mexican that escape to the U.S.


What IT is


        Drones are awesome you can rent one. According to Efacts. You can rent a drone for a day in New York City for as cheap as 30. That is very inexpensive. If i ever go to New York i hope I can rent a drone.


How IT Works


        Pizza drones are awesome. According to Ajot Ghai. Dominos has been delivering pizzas with drones. The pizza still keeps it heat through the air. Other places have been thinking to do the same . I think that is cool because I like pizza.


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This fact is really cool. According to Ajot Ghai, the first armed drone was originally sent out to kill Osama bin Laden one week before the 9/11 attacks. Bill Clinton, the President at the time decide it wasn’t quite ready. So if Bill Clinton had approved it 9/11 would have never happened in the first place. I think it is just horrible because 9/11 killed so many people.

        Drones just got alot cooler.

According to Ajot Ghai, In Europe, Police departments have buying drones. They are going to be using them for surveillance and other stuff. The FBI is also going to be using them. I think that will be cool because they will be more helpful.

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