Amazing gps

By Anonymous


        This report is about GPS. First, you will learn about its history.  Secondly, you will read about what it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  That is what my report will be.

History of IT

        This paragraph is about how gps dog collars have improved over time.

        This paragraph is about how gps has saved hikers. This is a story of Jonathan Tipton when he went hiking. While he was hiking he came across a bear that started chasing him. When he was running he got lost and fell in a ditch that may have saved his life. When he finally got out he was lost. Luckily he had a gps on him and he called the operator and she helped him back on course a get home. So if you're going hiking take a gps.

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What IT is

        This paragraph is about something awesome. They are now using gps do control segments that will enhance overall performance in space.

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How IT Works


Hey are gps dog collars waterproof or do i have to take them off when my dog gets wet. Guess what some are but some are not. Some are only showerproof that means that they can only handle a little bit of water. So it depends on what type of dog collar it is.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        As great as gps dog collar are they do have flaws, here are some of the big ones. First of all they are not waterproof but they are showerproof. How ridiculous is that. They are also very easily removed and makes it very easy for people to steal the collars and then take the dog. They also need to be charged daily assuming you even remember to. Know hopefully someone with fix all these problems.

        You know how i said i hope someone will fix all these problems well guess what Retriva did. All the problems i mentioned earlier are now gone. Thanks to Retrieva they decided to look at the problems with the perspective of a dog owner. It is designed very carefully practical and it is waterproof. They call it the “Anti-theft dog collar”. The information also goes straight to the device you set it to. It doesn’t matter what company or type of device it is it will go straight to you. Know if you ask me that is solving all the problem and much much more.

        Guess what gps can saves live not only when hiking but also in a disaster. When a disaster happens people need to be there as soon as possible. Gps helps rescuers now exactly where they are going down to the street and even the exact building.

        Scientists have started using GPS to study areas that often have earthquakes. It measure the motion of faults in earthquakes. They use it to learn how to strain builds up over time. This will hopefully help predict earthquake so more lives can be saved.