Kaylee akiu  


by Kaylee akiu


        10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….  Blast off!  Not a space rocket, silly.  A roller skate rocket.  I know you don’t believe me, so please read this report to find out about the roller skate that will blast you fast.  First, I’m going to teach you what it is and you are going to die over the baby sock. Then, I am going to teach you how to play guitar without a guitar.

History of IT

        The Kingii of awesomeness! This is a really cool floatation device. If you have been swimming underwater and you are too out of breath to swim up, then you need the kingii all you do is pull the lever and you float up to the service. You just connect it to your wrist and you're ready to swim!!  

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What IT is

        Here right here I’m going to tell you what a baby sock can do. According to Wearables guy, there is an owlet smart sock for babies. It is basicly a baby monitor inside the babies sock. You can hear your baby through it. And you can also see the baby's health and heart beat. I think it’s really cool and you don’t have to worry about the monitor being too far away from the baby or the sound volume being to low, because it's in the baby's sock.

        I’m going to tell you about the apple watch. These wearables are very cool. They have heart beat. They have time of course, and they have calling and texting on your apple WATCH. The apple watches also come in different sizes they come in bigger and smaller. They have a few apps you can get to on your apple watch.! 

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How IT Works

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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        Lets get into the air guitar stuff with AirJamz.  According to Ashley, Airjamz is a wristband that plays guitar music. You can play air guitar with it. You can play songs all day. Ashley says it’s the next generation to your imagination.  I think that this would be really fun, because I could play air guitar (and not fake music).

        These clothes are so cool.These cameras built into shirts according to Kayla. It has HD. And zooms you into the game. It makes you feel like you’re in the video. It is super awesome.

        Let’s blast off with rocket skates. According to Weston. These skates are not just any regular roller skates these are rocket skates. They boost you. They push you forward. The blast you fast. And blast you slow. 12 mph sometimes. They strap your feet in. Rocket skates can hold up to 250 pounds. You tilt to go.