3D printers are Da Bomb

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The Amazing Intro

        Beep Boop Beep.I can hear a 3D printer.”Hey, dad can you make me a new bike. Also, I dinner is soon and I want some food to eat.” It is the amazing 3D printer! You will learn about its cool history.  Next learn about what it is.  Then, I will teach you about how it works.  Finally, I will literally blow your MIND with some AWESOME facts.  

History of 3D printers

        Who ever made the 3D printer was ...what’s  the word? Oh yeah, AWESOME . With information from 3dprint.com ,Chuck Hull built the first 3D printer in 1986. In case you don’t know a 3D printer is a machine that builds 3 dimensional objects. He sounds like a smart man.


The 3D printer has improved a lot! Like a ton! With information from 3dprint.com , the 3D printer worked mainly through the Stereolithography process, which involved the use of UV lasers in the fabrication of objects. I am glad he made because no one else did.


What 3D printers are

        The 3D printer can do a lot.I MEAN a lot! With information from https://3dprint.com/82272/what-3d-printing-works  ,3D printing is a process of taking a digital 3 dimensional model and turning that file into a physical object.It can make almost anything.


Man I really need a 3D printer. I wonder where I can get one.With information from www.bestbuy.com , I can get one and everything I need at best buy for $500. I think that is a great deal.It is pretty cheap.

How 3D printers work

        This paragraph is about how it works. With information from http://3dprinting.com/what-is-3d-printing/ ,it starts with making a digital design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is made in a Computer Aided Design file using a 3D modeling program or with a 3D scanner.3d scanners use different technologies to make a 3d model.

        The 3D printer can do a LOT!. With information from 3dprinting.com,it can make a 3 dimensional object. The computer has you scan your object.Next,it will start making it.Pretty soon you’ll have something awesome. It is amazing.          

Awesome Facts That Will literally Blow Your Mind

        I am sure there is something cool about 3D printers. With information from 3dprint.com , there had already been 3D printed cars, buildings and human skin fabricated. I know that there is food too!;)

        This paragraph is about who and why made the world’s smallest 3D printed things. With information from