Weird, Wacky, WEARABLES!


Awwwwwwwww.  What could be more cute than a little, tiny, beautiful baby? I’ll tell you.  A little, tiny, beautiful baby wearing a wearable.  Read this report to find out how babies wear socks that do something that will… well, knock your socks off.  If you read, you will learn history of wearables, what they are, how they work, and super cool facts about them.

History of IT

        The creator of The apple watch. According to The creator of the apple watch was a man. This man was probably very wealthy and smart. The creator is Steve jobs. Steve jobs had an idea about making something, so that you could exercise but also have a  watch in hand. And now we have the apple watch, so if you have one you might want to thank Steve jobs.


What IT is

        The apple watch. According to The apple watch is a very common thing for apple. I know a lot of people that have them. It is apples most personal comes in two different sizes and three different types. The apple watch is kind of like a fitness watch. It can track a lot of things.

        Google glass. According to Google glass is glasses that are very high tech. Google glass is basicly just a wearable computer. The only reason it’s called google glass it at first it was a weird name that was called googol. Google glass cost $1,500.

 Is it waterproof? According to There is a waterproof case that helps. I don’t think that the apple watch itself is waterproof. Some of there product are probably waterproof. The apple watch is always there, like when you go swimming don’t forget the waterproof case to protect it.

How IT Works

        The Dash. According to How the dash works is when you're exercising it will tell you everything. And you can also listen to music because they are headphones. All you have to do is press a button and these will play music.

        Ping. According to Ping is  a garment that is like your wearing your ipad or phone but as clothes.

It connects to your facebook and it sends you status updates. It gives you a ping or tap on the shoulder when it sends you a via vibration. It is just a concept at this point, it may become worldwide available.

Image result for ping the garment


Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Wearable baby sock. This is a baby’s sock that they wear. Its very soft and it can tell you its oxygen levels. And it connects to your phone from wifi. It has an adjustable strap. It cost for pre order $250.00.

        The dash. According to… The Dash is wireless in ear headphones. It allows you to track a lot of things like your steps, distance, speed and more. They include a 4GB MP3 that works with touching the headphones. The dash comes in different colors and a case. They are pretty small. And are really cool.

        Spree headband. The spree headband is a headband that is like the apple watch and it tells you calories you burned and your heart rate. It’s made from rubber and is $199.00.