Da Drone Da Boss!

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        Have you saw a flying saucer. It is an alien! But sadly it is a drone. Now you are shouting for no reason. What is next, the sky starts to fall! HA! [a]First, you will learn about the amazing drones history.  Secondly, you will read about what the amazing drone is.  Then, I will teach you about how the amazing drone works.[b][c]  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts.  That is what my report will be like. You might go to sleep but please don’t. I will bribe you if necessary! But I  kinda poor. Any way yes read it!

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History of IT

        First of all, Let’s about the history of le drone. According to Avjot Ghai(
 The drone started when this team made an armed drone. This drone was called the “Predator”. This beautiful piece of machinery was armed with a pair of Heckfire missiles.[d] This cool beast was going to be sent to kill Osama bin Laden.  

        So, now that you know the history of the of le drone, let’s tell a crazy story about le drone. According to Avjot Ghai The only reason why he didn’t die there was because the Predator was not ready for action. Little did they know that the Twin Towers would be bombed by the same guy a week later. America was depressed for a while. But us classic Americans didn’t stop there. We did what all Americans do, get revenge! (TeeHee) We went and killed that man!

        You may have a neighbor that has a drone . According to Avjot Ghai (
 Now day drones are a lot different. Instead of making drones have weapons, they went for a more family type approach. Now they have cameras so you can get an eagle eye view of everything. And with the friendly approach you can control it from a remote control. And pretty soon, they will make family affordable 5 by 5 ft drones.  

What IT is

        This paragraph is about what it does. According to the interweb A drone flies in the air and that’s it. NO just kidding. Some have cameras so you can see what the drone can see. Drones are made Big and Small. The smaller one don’t cameras well most of them don’t. You may be thinking that the small drones are a rip off. In my opinion yes all drones are a rip off. But before you change your mind, the small drones have something the bigger do not have. They can do TRICKS! Yes awesome right? From front flips to back flips. They are cool.

        The amazing functions of drones. According to the interweb How the awesome drone works is their is four propellers that rotate super fast to make the drone fly. How the camera works is their is a Go-Pro type camera at the bottom of the drone.That camera is connected to a bluetooth thingy. Which connects to a phone or mobile device.

        So you know about drones but what is the purpose of these awesome flying objects? Well, the answer depends on the type of drone. But for this, we will be talking about the bigger drones. So yes a camera on a drone. Who would have thought of that? But why was it created? The answer is for fun. Life got pretty darn boring for people. Until this older dude created the home drone. This was the most popular thing at the time until bad people used it for bad things. Like, with the camera they can spy on you from a high distance and you would never know. Lots more robberies are going on because with a drone they know when everyone in your house is gone so they can strike at the moments you are most vulnerable.  

How IT Works

        This paragraph is about how it can fly. There are four big or small rotating propellers. They put air under the drone to make it fly up it to the air. I know that it may seem really dumb are a little confusing because it is for me too. But think of a helicopter, it has two propellers, one in the back one on top. Those propellers make the Copter go up.  


This paragraph is about the inventor. The inventor was Abraham Karem. He worked on it in Israel in 1947. Soon America found out and made their own versions of the drone Karem made. Pretty soon they came out making the predator that I talked about in an earlier paragraph. Anyway, america made the family friendly drones again so yes.

        This paragraph is about its battery life. So you are flying your drone around and soon, it will go Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. OR it will just fall to the ground. That is when you battery goes out. A drone battery will not last so long because it is doing so much like 4 propellers! A drone battery last around an hour. Than when it dies, you can go ahead and charge it.  

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        Have you ever waited for pizza to come to your house? Well, what if I told you that drones can deliver pizza! Yes the future is finally here! Well we still need hover boards *cough* *cough* 2016 *cough*. Anyway, Domino’s has created a drone called “DomiCopter” that can deliver pizza! And, Amazon is making a drone for the same purpose! This is awesome! Except hover boards again.

        So now you know about drones, you want one! Right? It will be the coolest thing to have. But if your name is Isaac, and you are sitting next to me and breathing on my neck, you hate drones. Anyway the smaller drones go from $10-$60. The bigger and better go from $1000-LOTS!!!


        This paragraph is about my conclusion. Drones are AWESOME! You will have so much fun

[a]Way funny


[b]i think you should use different words than amazing three times. Maybe cool, fun, or even stupendous.

[c]go to me report

[d]boom missiles