Will Robots Take Over The World

by Bobilinga


        Boys are nerds. When boys want to spy on our nerf gun wars, they are just sad that they dont get to play. We are just to sick and awsome (not trying to be mean boys)(I useally let them play though).  What they need is …. (I’m not going to tell you)  You will have to read my report to find out how robots can be used to spy on anyone.  

History of IT

        How did these so cool kinda scary robots got better over time.  According to NASA, there’s a lot of smart people who have been doing experiments (and still are). They have been trying to create a machine in their image.  What I mean is trying to make robots look like humans.  Guess how long they’ve been trying?  5 years?  20 years? No! 200 years!  I think this is scary because if they make them too good, they will look exactly like humans and (dun dun duh) might take over the world.

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 Who made up robos. Titan was designed the robot was desined by the gernam firn.It was bilt in 2007. It was also one of costlliest robots in that period. It was offten the worlds strongest robot. It has also been in the world book of records. This robot also can handle hevey engine blocks. I think this is cool because it can help. But also scary because it could be to strong and take over, or destroy things.

What IT is

        This paragraph is about what robots do. According to robohub.org this robot has two hd caneras, four microphones, two hi fi speakers ,and has been on ted more than once. This robot comes with a lot of fun things. It can even play soccor. All of those kids that need a friend to practice with cone to the innorobo this year from march 18th to 22nd. I think this is cool becuase you can have someone to play with and have a cool friend.


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How IT Works

         How robots works. According to Nasa Urbie (the robot) the robot checks out places that would pose potential risks to human investigators. On the robot there are sensors and cameras that allow the robot to funtion and operate. It can do this in many types of terrain. If you would like to here more go and look at photo courtesy Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I think this is scary becuase they could take over the humman race.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

 How much dose a robot costs. According to Ceneration robots. They are selling naw in four versions. And just guess how much the robot costs. This robot costs $5628. And in north america it is $7990that went down from $16000. I think this is wired becuase it is a lot of money.

 Something cool about robots. There is more than million industrial robots more than half are being used in japan.I think this is sad becuase they will get all the robots and we won’t get any. This is why i think it is not fair and i also think that they will get them all then we wont get any.

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 The priciest robot. Seven computer techs are trying to bild atlas a better brain. The brain part of a $2 million contest sponsored by a cepartnent of defense. I think this is kinda stupid becuase they know that they will have to stop trying to make them better. I mean come on they will probley become so good that they willl be us they will be….. bionick.Crazy Right!

 The largest robot ever.