3D Printers are 3Delicious

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        Are you ready to hear about the best 3D printers in your life. Well read read read if you want to hear. If you read you will hear who invented it so a little history if a 3D printer. You will read how it works and what it does. How it works you will learn about. And some super cool facts about a 3D printer.s

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        History of IT


        Charles Chuck Hull was the man who first invented the 3D printer. He was the first to create 3D printer in actual parts. This is according to Krassenstein, Eddie, He is the first man to create the 3D printer in actual parts. I think that this is cool because it is a 3D PRINTER!!!!!

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What IT is

        How expensive is the best 3D printer? Well according to Richard Baguley they are $599. It is the Printrbot Simple Metal Printer that is the best one to buy. You can pay more money for more stuff to come with the printer but the $599 printer is really good. This is cool because You know what the best brand is and how much it is.

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        So i found that they do make things come to life with a 3D printer. According to Krassenstein, Brian, They make functioning power tools. Lance made mini power tools with a 3D printer. He made a drill and saw etc. It does not really work all that well but i is fun to look at he said. I think that this is cool because there are things from a 3D printer that can actually work. Go check it out. (Just scroll down a little :)

One of the best brand to buy is a 2016 3D printer guide. According to 3dhubs.com 5350 people verified 3D printer owners with a collective 3962 years of 3D printeing experience. There are 441 different 3D printer models. This is cool because there are a ton of different types of 3D printing.

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How IT Works

        Well this is how a 3D printer works. According to Printing.com, It can make three dimensional solid objects. But it works really slow but that is all right because it can make it in your own home. It makes it from a digital file so it can get the image. This is way cool because you can print three dimensional solid objects in your living room.

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        Do you wonder how long and how much can a 3D printer’s ink can last. According to makerbot.com, Well keep reading because you will love it! A 3D printer’s ink can last and print for a long time. It can print 100 pieces of a chess set. It is not just a few pieces of the chess set. It is the whole set. So that is how much a 3D printer ink can last. I think that this is cool because the ink last quite a long time.

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        Have you ever wondered how past a 3D printer can print. Wll according to 3dgeni.us It just depends on how big your thing that your printing is. A higher resolution printer will take much longer, but it will look very much smoother. It all depends on the size and complexity of the print, and also on your chosen layer height.

Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        The smallest sculpture made by a 3D printer can fit a ants head in it. According to Krassenstein, Brian, It is so tiny that it is way sensitive to light. It is a nano-size-sculpture. It is so tiny. It appears no larger than a speck of dust to the human eye. This is cool because it is so small


The ink for a 3D printer is kinda expensive. According to Covert, Adrian, They are usually around $25 to $45. It really depends on what 3D printer you have. It is made of Plastic filament. This is just standard material used by 3D printers. This is cool because you know how much it is to get a ink cartridge.

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THe objet1000 Plus is the world’s largest multi-material 3D printer. Fully packed trays of precise, small parts. According to Stratasys.com The materials range deliver accuracy and aesthetics on a frand scale. I think that this is cool because it is the biggest 3D printer in the world.