3d printing with pickles 

By: Cade Cena


        Water water water and more water everywhere I turn there's water, not yet but soon so read about the history of 3dprinting. Next go to the cool stuff and read all about what a 3d printer can make. Then look and how it works. Finally look at the cool facts for a surprise. It will be really long and boring JK it’ll be fun.

History of IT

        3d printing is very intresting and amazing and people like 3dprinting.com  study 3d printing and they say, they started 3d printing in the 80s.  It was very  expensive because prototypes were a lot of money, so was the plastic.  It was a hard development. Dr konoma in Japan was the first to patent this machine. I think this is cool cause if I ever use one I will know how it came to be.

        Scott J Grunewald said that, in 100 years or less they will start 3d printing underwater.  They will make all new cities and create more space for humans to live in. It will be almost a new world to explore. They  will have so many new things to do down there. I think this is cool cause I might get to go bowling underwater!

        According to Scott J Grunewald, soon they will start building whole cities out of the ground with 3d printers it will be so cool. They can make them so much faster. They will be able to make new designs on buildings. I think this is cool because I will be able to live wherever I want.

Cool stuff

        According to http://www.instructables.com/, 3d printers are very amazing things. People have started making spare keys. They also make working locks for valuables. Along with real working clocks. I think this is cool cause I can make almost anything

        According to http://www.instructables.com/, 3d printers can make other stuff that can be useful like a salt and pepper shaker. So they could make almost anything the possibilities are endless. They also make prosthetics. Its pretty great. Amen.

        According to http://www.space.com/topics/3d-printing, 3d printing does work in space. Also they will start colonizing the moon in a better way than before using dust from it as concrete. They will do the same on mars. I think this is cool cause I might get to live on a different planet

How IT Works

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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