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by Donald Trump


        RING! BUZZ! BEEP! Are the sounds of someone calling you. Smartphones were first invented in 1992. I am sure it must’ve been hard back then without phones. Giving someone a warning about a big war, or giving a warning about a big storm. Back then they usually traveled by foot. Not many people had horses. Now we have smartphones, we can call anyone we want! First, you will learn about the smartphones history.  Secondly, you will read about what smartphones are. Then, I will teach you about how the smartphone works using Apple.  Finally, I will blow your mind with some super cool facts about the smartphones. Let’s get to it!

 of IT

        Would you like to know about the of the smartphone? All this information is from _____. If you ever have time, go check out their website! It’s very cool.

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Things about IT

        This paragraph is about the average price of smartphones. According to Tristan Louis

        This paragraph is about a smartphone can health screen people. According to Gary Marshall with some information from techradar.com there is a company who has found how to do this. The company is called Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, also known as KAIST. The same machine that detects your taps and swipes, can also do your protiens and DNA molecules.

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How IT Works

        Smartphones work in really cool ways! You can download movies, games, apps, and more! You can call and text wherever you go, if you have the correct data plan! There is different places of data plans like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. For my iphone 6, I use AT&T. Keep reading to find other things about how smartphones work!

        There are different brands of smartphones. Samsung, Apple, Galaxy, Android, and many more. Since I only know how Apple works (and I am pretty sure the other brands work in a very similer way,) I will tell you how Apple works. On Apple, you can take pictures, on the Ipads you can do photo booth. You can text anyone you want and call anyone you want. You can even choose the wallpaper of your phone!

        This paragraph is about things a smartphone can do. This information is from Verizon. If you were to walk into a house that is freezing cold, using the Nest® Learning Thermostat, you can use and app. All you do is sync your thermostat into the app, and there you go. Your house is nice and warm.

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Super Cool Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

        This paragraph is about a phone riding in a satellite. According to Gary Marshall,  there is a real phone that is circling the earth. You probably think it is in an astronaut’s pocket.  But, it is actually in a satellite. It is called STRaND-1. Compared to other satellites, since it is so small, it is called the “nanosatellite.” It’s the size of a shoe box. On the sides, it has solar panels that turn out when it needs power. For a funny joke, they used the app called “Find My Phone” to see if the app works in outer space. And guess what! (This is very exciting!!!) It didnt work! lol

        This paragraph is about what big things a smartphone can do. Information is from Verizon:) Replace your normal light bulb with a smart light bulb called the WeMo Light. Sync the light bulb into the app on your smartphone, and then you can control your lights. Control your lights with any bulb in your house that is synced and ready to go! A more advanced one is called The Phillips® Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit. You can brighten, dim, or even cooler, change the color of your lights! For more informtion, look it up:)

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        This paragraph is about how you can see whats happening from your house. If you ever have some free time, check out Verizon and their website. They have a lot of cool information about this kind of things. Using the (super clear) 1080p HD with Nest® Cam™ it can sense motion or hear sound. While your away, if it hears something or senses motion, right away you will get a notification. The Wi-Fi video camera has a mic, so you can talk to whomever is in the room!